College can be grueling. Sometimes all you need is your mom there for moral support. Dr. Miller-Day’s Mother Daughter Communication class culminates in a final project. The best part? Students could bring their mothers! There were poster presentations, a heart-warming video presentation, and a live reading of Two Of Me, a play based on real mother-daughter relationships written by the professor.


Mother—daughter communication is a class in the School of Communication that studies the complex relationship between grandmother, mother, and daughter. Students learn about family communication through the maternal relationship and how these relationships are experienced through different points in a woman’s life. The mothers of students were invited to attend the final presentation and each mother was asked to present one quality that they admired most about their mother, and the daughters were asked to do the same.

Student Tiffany Hutcheson said, “Overall, I really enjoyed this class as it provided an in depth look at the mother and daughter relationship, and the factors within that relationship that shape us as women”. Throughout the course of the semester this class provided Tiffany with an extensive reflection on her own personal life and the relationship with her mother and also her grandmother. “I learned to appreciate the unique and special relationship I have with my own mother by comparing and contrasting our relationship with other mother-daughter relationships as heard from other classmates” she explained. Tiffany believes she learned more about herself, and how as she has grown into an independent woman, she is more like her mother than she realized.

Sydney Jacobs, one of the students who attended with her mother said,  “I feel like in college your parents aren’t as involved as they were in your previous schooling so it was nice for my mom, in my senior year, to see the work we have been doing. The subject matter made it even more special”.