Hi everyone! My name is Elizabeth Grenoble and I am a senior strategic and corporate communication major. This semester I am interning at Beacon Pictures, a production company known for Castle, Bring It On, Spy Game, and Air Force One, located in Santa Monica, California. I act as a television and film development intern, which perfectly combines my passion for storytelling, my strong writing skills, my creativity, and my marketing and communication prowess (courtesy of the School of Communication). It has allowed me to learn about script selection, pre-production, and the industry as a whole, while also applying the skills I have acquired from my education and past experiences, such as understanding target audiences and what will be most marketable based on current trends.

On a daily basis, my main responsibly is to read film and television script submissions and to write coverage. When reading scripts, some of the qualities I am looking for are stories that will captivate audiences, characters that are well developed and relatable, and story-lines that are well paced and fluid. After I have read the story, I write the script coverage. In essence, coverage is a highly condensed, but thorough summary of the script, followed by my commentary, ratings, and recommendations. On average, a script is 60 pages for a television show and 120 pages for a feature length film, which should be summarized in around 1 and 2 pages, respectively. The coverage should cover all of the major plot points, while also capturing the tone and feel of the overall story. My comments, which are my favorite portion of the coverage, are my opportunity to give my honest opinion on what I thought of the script, areas I think could be improved, and whether or not I think it is marketable. I finish the coverage by assigning a ‘rating’ to various aspects of the script, such as plot and characterization, and then deciding whether or not I recommend the script and/or the writer to the executives for further development.

In addition to my usual tasks, I have also conducted research on various projects, contacted talent agencies, and interacted with producers. Most importantly, over the course of this internship, I have been exposed to the entertainment industry and the ins-and-outs of television and film development. I have learned all of the work that goes into the development of a project, to distinguish what makes a script stand out from the rest, and how a script goes from a writer’s head to the screen.

In the past, I have interned for marketing, advertising, public relations, and sports companies, but never in entertainment. This internship has turned out to be the most impactful; it has solidified my desire to work in entertainment following my graduation. I always hesitated to pursue a career in the industry because I wasn’t majoring in film and because it is challenging to break into. However, having decided to finally try to intern in an area that truly piqued my interest, I encourage anyone who is curious in a career outside the typical path to do the same. After all, interning in college is the only chance we will have to ‘test out’ a job before committing.