Girlie Action is a Music Marketing Agency with headquarters located in New York City. I intern for the Los Angeles office, which is located in downtown LA in the Arts District. After transitioning from a management internship, I was very nervous to work for an agency as they are known for being high-stress and high-pressure. However, a Gamma Phi Beta alumni referred me to this position and spoke very highly of the people working there, so I decided to give it a shot and learn as much as I could about the agency side of the music industry. People always ask me “how did you find out about your internships, who told you about it, what if I don’t have any experience?” etc. As much as I hate to say it, it really is “who you know” and making connections in college and at Chapman are crucial for networking and preparing for the real world after school.

For this specific internship, I definitely had to be persistent. Although I have a vast knowledge in music performance and management, I had almost zero experience in publicity or working for an agency. I came dressed in heels and a nice blazer to my interview and found everyone wearing sweatshirts or trendy concert attire. During my interview, we talked about music (obviously) and my experience, but ended up talking about sports and movies. I think the most important thing I’ve learned from this internship is that relationships and connections are as important as working hard. It was crucial to learn the environment and make connections with the people I worked with in order to gain their trust so that I could participate in large pitching projects and artist advertisement.

My main duties as a Girlie Action intern included content and media pitching, artist profile and website updates, and media summary organization. If you don’t know what a music marketing agency is, they basically work to get the word out about artists’ tour, publicity, advertisement, and maintain their image. For example, if a band were to be performing in New York City in a week, my job would be to pitch the artists’ media, press release, image, and their contact info in order to get media and stream coverage on an artist. There is so much work that goes into this process that I never would have known had I not interned at Girlie.

On an average day at Girlie, I would get to the office and start organizing media summaries of already pitched content providers like The New York Times, Teen Vogue, or Ear Buddy. After organizing media summaries I might update tour schedules or artists’ personal calendars and then move on to updating their website profiles and music press releases for their managers, agents, or publicists. I especially liked working on this because of the opportunity to listen to music not yet released and help choose photography or album artwork for their pages. I loved seeing the artists’ personalities within their photoshoots, reading their bios, and getting to hear and present feedback for their new music. Getting free tickets to their shows wasn’t too bad either! The publicists I worked under were some of the most generous and down to earth people that provided guidance and perspective into a part of the music field that I probably would have overlooked.

I would highly recommend getting an internship in college. Coming in as a Vocal Performance major, I always knew I loved the music scene and wanted to pursue a career in the field, but internships in music business and management gave me a whole new perspective on the industry and made me feel confident that I am where I am supposed to be. Internships are a great opportunity to get real-world skills while networking in school. I now feel confident that I am capable of getting a job after college and will have a head start on the skills necessary to survive in this competitive field called the music industry. Working hard, learning fast, and always being flexible are all qualities that students can advertise to companies even with minimal or no previous experience. My college career has been positively impacted by my internships and has given me confidence and valuable skills to apply to life after Chapman.

Anna Turkisher, B.A. Strategic Corporate Communication, Music Minor, Class of 2018