Heading in to plan the perfect event!

Two years ago, I fell in love with the idea of planning perfect events for other people. Figuring out how to turn this passion into a reality, I found a company where I could accomplish this dream. Extreme Greeks is a division of an event planning company called The Perfect Event. The Perfect Event specializes in everything one stresses over: transportation, venue location, contracts, security, photography, setups and more.

My internship allowed me to have creative freedom, using my innovative spirit while executing tasks alongside my team. With two offices and venues up and down the coast, my internship gave me the ability to work remotely and hands on at different locations.

Local business owner, Dan Wilson, had the concept of planning events for Greek Life members back when he attended the University of Southern California. As a social chair in his Greek Life organization on campus, he did everything from planning events through a vision to completing them monthly. Looking at other chapters around him, Dan realized he was not the only one planning these events and saw an opportunity to capitalize on an industry he grew up loving, while using his knowledge to help out other collegians through the difficult processes of event planning.

Transforming the company of a few individuals running events at USC, Extreme Greeks has become a company that moves up and down the California Coast from Cal Poly San Louis Obispo to San Diego State University. Throughout the growth and expansion of the team, there has been more space for variation and execution of events.

Being interested in the idea of event planning within my own Greek Life association, Extreme Greeks was a company that I joined as an Intern and soon I was able to quickly see how much time and effort that was required of these events.

In the beginning, I worked out of the Orange County branch, visiting with different social chairs and talking with them about what they wanted for their event. Coordinating with collegians, I would search for new venues, meet with managers of venue locations and execute events from the beginning at the bus pick up location through the duration of the event at the venue.

After my start in the company, I had the chance to multitask planning with advertising and began creating online marketing ideas for the company. While strategically planning and organizing media content to be viewed on all social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) I publicized for two divisions of the company: Extreme Greeks and American Transportation Systems. I was able to rapidly increase their follower basis. In addition my responsibilities included promoting marketing opportunities for our transportation company.

My internship with Extreme Greeks has given me the chance to work hands on in the event planning industry while being innovative and using my creativity to find solutions. I have enjoyed learning new tasks and successfully accomplishing events from start up to take down. For anyone interested in event planning, I would suggest finding a company like Extreme Greeks that supports your growth and development. With such a fast-paced industry, it is important to gain experience through different openings that are presented to you!