This summer has been nothing but busy for me, yet it’s been busy in the best way possible. I was fortunate enough to land a summer internship at a new talent agency called NBS Entertainment where I am acting as a Junior Agent. NBS Entertainment is a new talent agency based out of

I walked at Spring, 2017 Commencement before I completed my final internship credits

Ventura County, CA and they are quickly growing as a company. My boss and her business partner created their company in 2015 after both realizing they were interested in the industry and knew they could pool their strengths to be successful. They have grown from a small 50-client company in 2015 to around 100 clients today. The growing agency has kept both of them extremely busy which meant that they were very much in need of an intern.

As NBS Entertainment’s first intern, with little knowledge or experience in the talent agency industry, I was nervous. However, I was thrilled about finding a company that was excited and willing to take me on and teach me. Since I started, I have been involved with creating a client contact list, making a joint electronic calendar for client book outs and auditions, scheduling book out dates, submitting clients for auditions, and contacting clients/casting agents about jobs or auditions. I am also currently working with social media by developing ideas for an Instagram account that we hope to launch soon. Looking at the tasks I have been given for my internship, I am so grateful for the experience because of how hands on they have allowed me to be. It makes this experience a million times more amazing and beneficial because I feel like I am learning so much and also helping this new company grow. I haven’t faced the famous “coffee run” stereotype that I feel interns everywhere fear. I’m so glad that I have been able to be useful to the company and help get important projects done.

While working at NBS Entertainment has taught me about a whole new industry, it has also helped me to apply concepts/skills I have learned from my past work experiences. Having worked for a biotech company many summers in a row, I was able to bring the skill sets from that position into immediate use. I did a lot of the filing and data inputting for them and this has helped me develop great organizational skills. I have applied these organizational skills to my current internship when creating a client contact list. Noticing an area for improvement with the organization’s client contact lists, I was able to go in with Excel on Google and create an organized and accessible spreadsheet for all client. This simple solution allows my supervisors to provide better and more comprehensive services to their clients.

Aside from finding my organizational skills beneficial, being an SCC major has taught me how to be professional and communicate in a professional manner. This has been one of the most valuable skills to have while working in the talent industry. Working as a junior agent has had me contacting clients and casting agents, which means the majority is through phone or email conversations. It is important to know how to communicate properly and professionally in this industry because it is so fast paced and not many people want to hear from you. If there is one thing I have learned from

My planner has been my best friend during my internship

being an SCC major though, is how to deliver a message and be heard all why staying professional. It can be hard to be taken seriously in this industry. Knowing how to get through to casting agents is much easier when communicating as efficiently and effectively as possible. Also, I have taken away a lot from the message design courses needed for my major. While we haven’t launched the Instagram account yet, I’ve realized that what I have learned in those courses have even helped in the brainstorming process.

Now that my time is coming to an end at NBS Entertainment, it is eye-opening to look back on everything I have learned and all of the ways I have been able to help the company grow. I have a tremendous interest in the talent industry thanks to this internship and I am going to honestly miss the fast paced work style. I love always having work to do when I go in and not worrying about what they are going to find for me to do the next day. I am so appreciative of this internship and I cannot wait to see where else I can apply these experiences in the future.


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