This summer, I was lucky enough to intern in the publicity department of Fearless Records, a record label in Los Angeles! Fearless Records’ roster has artists such as Pierce the Veil, The Plain White T’s, I Prevail, and many more bands in the pop punk and alternative rock genres. 

Patrick from Movements in an interview.

As the publicity intern, I was given the opportunity to work closely with the junior and senior publicists on all of their projects. My daily tasks included pitching the media to encourage coverage of our bands’ concerts and request journalists to interview bands coming to their towns on tours. As time went on, I also spoke with bands’ managers and tour managers to arrange on-site interviews. I think my Business and Professional Communication course best prepared me for this internship because I felt confident enough to speak professionally with very important people. My SCC classes greatly contributed to my high level of confidence I had during my internship, because I knew I had all the tools I needed to succeed that were provided to me through my SCC courses. The company culture encouraged getting to know everyone personally, and I got to know everyone in the office so well by the time my internship was over. As a result, this internship was one of my favorites (and I’ve had a lot of internships) because of how closely I got to work with the junior and senior publicist at the label.


I Prevail’s set

The absolute highlight of my internship came the weekend before I started the last week of my internship. I was offered backstage tickets to Vans Warped Tour to help my boss manage interviews! This tour is an annual music festival that has been traveling across the United States since the mid-1990’s. Backstage, I was able to help supervise on-camera interviews with the five Fearless Records bands that were playing on Warped Tour. It was a dream come true knowing I had free access to run between side-stage seats during concert sets to backstage where the bands hung out to watch interviews! I knew I was so fortunate to be given this opportunity, and it truly was a day I’ll never forget. If you want to read more about my day at Vans Warped Tour, you can do so at


If you’re looking for a publicity internship, Fearless Records is currently looking for my replacement! Go to or email for more information on how to apply!