Hi everyone! My name is Maya Vahid and I am the new ambassador for the M.S. Health and Strategic Communication program.  I am currently a senior at Chapman University majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Sociology.  This academic year I started my Master’s degree in Chapman’s Health and Strategic Communication 4 + 1 program and I’m so excited!  I’ll be at events around Chapman to answer any and all of your questions about the HCOM program!  Juliette, who’s pictured up above right next to me, is the other HCOM ambassador this year!

To introduce myself a little more, I am an Orange County native and was in fact born right here in the city of Orange.  I was homeschooled and had the opportunity to travel and live in other countries, but ended up back here in Orange County.  I am currently a part of a few different clubs and organizations on campus: Toastmasters International, OCFC women’s soccer club, Love Your Melon. I’m a DJ at Chapman radio and I’m also trying to start up a club with my friends called the SoulPancake club!  In addition to these clubs, I love to travel, dance, act, sing, paint, and play almost any sport I can.

OCFC women’s club team composed of Chapman students!

My goal as the HCOM program ambassador is to inform students at Chapman University about the wonderful HCOM program that has helped me grow and expand my knowledge in such a short amount of time!

Toastmaster’s booth set up at Chapman’s Involvement Fair when I was Vice President of Toastmasters (I’m on the left again!), with the President of Toastmasters in the middle!

I will be available to answer any questions students have about the program and even about Communication Studies.

Chapman University is truly an amazing school and has already helped me establish great connections and meet wonderful people.   Some advice for new students: get to know the people around you, because these will be the people in your life for the next few important years, and beyond!  Talk to the people in your classes, talk to your professors, and get involved!  Become part of clubs; there are so many to choose from!

Thanks for reading and getting to know me! I am so excited for what this next year will bring and could not be happier for what I’ve experienced in my time so far at Chapman University!