Laura’s career is more than Just Media! Laura Roosevelt graduated May ’17 and is already deep into the world of advertising as a Media Account Associate at digital agency Just Media, based in San Francisco. Laura is excited to share about her experiences in the industry thus far, and offers great advice about finding (and securing) a job for post-graduation!


What do you do on a daily basis?

As a Media Account Associate, I am the liaison between our clients and their media.  Everyday I spend hours in Excel and Outlook pulling reports and sending emails (nothing can top the feeling of when an Excel function works!).  I support Media Managers on two B2B tech clients on about five campaigns per quarter.  For each campaign, we get a brief from the client on their objectives and KPIs (key performance indicators), then we RFP (request for proposal) a variety of media partners for display campaigns or lead generation campaigns.  After their proposals come back, we synthesize the information and put a plan together for the client.  Once it is approved or reworked, we book the media with the media partners, send the creative deliverables to the media partners, and then the campaign is pushed live.  Once it is live, we send POPs (proof of performance) screenshots and it’s nearly time to start planning for the next quarter!  Day to day, we report on the performance of the media and make optimizations to ensure the budget is most effectively spent.


What do you love about your job?

At Just Media, we have “Town Hall” every Wednesday afternoon and during that hour, the entire company gets together in the middle of the Emeryville office (and the Austin office Skypes in) and the President introduces all of the new hires.  We also go over successes within the agency and new procedures that are rolling out.  There has also been a panel of “media experts” and time to ask the President anything about the company.  It is really neat to work in an office of ~100 employees where we all take an hour of our week to sync up and get on the same page for what is to come.  Some of my other favorite aspects are Just Cares, the volunteer branch of the company, Lunch & Learns, where we can learn about the offerings of vendor partners over our lunch hour, and getting to go to my first Giants game at AT&T park thanks to tickets from one of our vendor partners.

Volunteering to paint a playground in Oakland with Just Cares

How did you find your position?

I was connected to Just Media by a mom of an incoming freshman through my relationship with the Associate Dean of the School of Communication (and my Senior Seminar professor and Internship Advisor).  During my senior year, I made it known to her (the Assistant Dean- looking at you Andi) that I was interested in moving to San Francisco and while I was busy working away as a Tour Guide during Admitted Students Day last Spring, this mother was in the School of Communication presentation for her admitted son.  After the event, I  connected with this parent and she connected me to a Media Director at Just Media.  If that isn’t a connection enough, I met another mother of an incoming student at Discover Chapman Day in the fall ’16 who was just as eager to help me land a job in the Bay Area.  It turns out these two incoming Chapman moms are actually hiking partners! They say it’s a small world, and it really is!

Laura was an intern at OCTA during her time at Chapman!