This past semester, I was fortune enough to call myself an intern at Leilani Weddings. Leilani Weddings is a small wedding and special events planning company based out of Newport Beach. Since Leilani Weddings is a small business, I worked directly with the CEO, Danielle Leilani. The way the company is structured is Danielle is the owner and principal planner. She takes on the majority of the weddings and events. She then employs a team of five lead coordinators who work with her part time. Over the course of my semester, I was able to work five weddings, an industry event, and a bat mitzvah.

While there is no such thing as a “typical day” at Leilani Weddings, my usual tasks as an intern were to contact vendors of upcoming weddings and obtain proposals for their services. My tasks at weddings and events ranged from being the bride’s “lady in waiting” to helping set up for the ceremony and reception to assisting any guest who was in need.

Danielle is the epitome of a successful millennial woman. She started her wedding planning business a little over a year ago and has since founded two other companies- The Bachbox and Leilani Productions. The Bachbox is a bachelorette party design service. Leilani Productions, which is Leilani Wedding’s sister company, is focused on designing and producing creative events. Danielle recently launched the Bachbox and asked me to be in the promotional video for it. We filmed in a beautiful winery in Temecula and it was one of the best experiences I had during this internship.

Overall, I have enjoyed my time with Leilani Weddings very much. I was able to learn so much about the wedding industry under Danielle’s guidance. I strongly encourage any students who are considering a potential career in event planning to reach out and apply!