This semester I am interning at Bizlendia a business lending company. Interning at Bizlendia has given me an invaluable internship experience. It has taught me how to mix into a melting pot allowing me to work and learn from people of different cultures, ethnicities, beliefs, and values. One key takeaway I gained at Bizlendia is that they will help you create a complete game plan from start to finish for the betterment of our clients businesses.



My goal was to effectively learn how to engage in applications of Business Consulting. At Bizlendia, the goal is to make business lending as seamless and transparent as possible. I learned that their product is designed to synergize business owners with working capital. Generally provided in intervals to help them take advantage of business opportunities as well as scaling their business through Bizlendia’s lending resources. There are various ways businesses can use the funding including marketing, inventory, payroll/staffing, and, equipment. As a representative at Bizlendia we helped business owners create a financial plan as their company scales and grows while guiding them through every step of the way. This allows me to communicate with my clients and provide them with the correct financial advisement. Communication is a theme that I was able to carry on at Bizlendia. In COM 310 – Business and Professional Communication, we talked about how communicating strategically at work is essential to one’s success. If something is not communicated properly in any business, it can cause conflict and misunderstanding. This can lead to not only unhappy clients, but also could also potentially result in a lawsuit. Reputation is everything in carrying a solid business. Especially with business funding, if you aren’t communicating properly then your client will move on to another company that will communicate better and understand their needs. So, gaining information on a client’s cash flow, debt, and use of available funds are needed to assess credit strength. This allows me to connect with my clients and provide them with the correct financial advisement. For example, my job is to call business owners that previously received funding from us to see if they were interested in any additional working capital for their business. This was definitely a moment that I noticed professional benefits in the conversation I shared with the business owner. Funding made simple for business owners who typically do not have time as a luxury, Bizlendia has provided a plethora of benefits, including extreme cultural diversity as well as industry variation.


By serving as a business consultant, my team and I helped guide clients through each phase of their growth strategy, providing expert business advice and funding when required. Being a part of the online service team, we provide comprehensive website services by helping you establish your business online. I learned at Bizlendia that with today’s modern age of technology it is almost impossible for your business to be successful without a strong online presence. Using Bizlendia’s already established partner network of web agencies, I was given the task to provide our clients with full online services including:

  • Website design and development
  • Corporate identity and branding
  • Marketing and print materials design
  • Search engine optimization for better website rankings on search engines
  • Pay-per-click management for online advertising with Google Adwords
  • Social Media Management and Marketing

Being a part of the online service team, our goal was eliminate our clients having to keep up with the latest technologies by managing their websites, and helping them benefit from the strong return on investment of effective online marketing. Through my developed skills, I was put in charge of managing the tasks associated with marketing businesses online. My passion for marketing is what helped me succeed with the tasks that I was given. My colleagues always go out of their way to make sure that all of my questions are answered.


This experience has opened doors into the world of business and corporate success. Having tangible stories to describe your experiences can serve as a platform for potential employers and graduate programs. So, go set your path to success! Enroll in COM 490 – Independent Internship and see for yourself. It provides you with the hands on experience of the working world while providing you with small critical thinking issues that would not arise in a classroom setting. I promise you it is an experience you will not forget nor regret!