This past fall semester, I had the opportunity to land an internship at a nonprofit health clinic in Panorama City called the Center for Family Health and Education (CFHAE). For my role, I worked primarily in the Marketing and Communications Department, right under the company’s Marketing Director, Norma Hernandez. Being able to work directly with her, I was able to really grasp all the responsibilities of the Marketing Department and see how this part of the business affects the company as a whole.

As our Marketing Department was still pretty new, there were a lot of tasks that had to be done. However, since they have also recently expanded, creating satellite clinics in other cities, I was able to dive into other parts of the business, such as human resources and administration. Some days I would be researching health care facts to promote our services to the Community, government programs that offered health care financial assistance to low income individuals, and concentrate mostly on all of our Social Media Accounts to continue building our Followers. Other days I would focus on designing Company Flyers for all of our Site Locations and handouts for the Health Fairs and Marathons we attended. Constantly promoting our Center’s Health Care Services, we also had days outside of the office where we met with the Elected Officials in each of the cities where our Clinics were located. This type of face to face interaction was especially significant when we were endorsing our event, Crucial Catch Day, to educate the community about breast and colorectal cancer and offer free screenings. Through their contacts, in partnership with the American Cancer Society and the NFL, we were able to appeal to their audiences and gather up a good crowd.

No day was exactly alike, as there was always something new to do. I really enjoyed being able to tackle different roles because it allowed me to explore various business sectors and learn what each department focused on. The knowledge and growth I acquired at this internship has been endless. Being able to voice my opinion at our department meetings, I was able to provide input on ways we could maintain a steady growth of patients and strengthen employee engagement at all our Clinics. With this in mind, I was able to jump start a Monthly Employee Newsletter using Mailchimp and begin a Bulletin Board for Announcements and upcoming employee events.

I definitely gained a lot from this internship as it not only introduced me to the different pieces of a business, but it gave me insight into more of the health care industry, which is the path I ultimately want to take.

Rochelle Salvador ’18