Heading to work!

Hi, my name is Katarina Trifunovic and welcome to Kat’s Korner!  I currently am a Sophomore with a Communication Studies Major and The Modern Experience Cluster, but I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I graduate.  Last  Fall, I was reading a regular email from Dean Price and came across the “Internship Expo”.  As a sophomore, I didn’t really think it to be that important but I decided to try it out.  I remember being so nervous and even calling my older brother to help me with me elevator pitch!  When I went into the Internship Expo, they told us to go to the booths that interested us the most. I picked the Newport Beach Film Festival.  I was a little nervous because I had never done anything with film before.  A few months and an application later, I had an interview set up with the Intern director, Andrew Phillips!  Now, I intern at the Newport Beach Film Festival and I couldn’t be happier.

Fellow interns working hard!

In the beginning, we were receiving hundreds of film submissions for the festival.  For about three weeks straight, over 50 interns were watching and scoring films whether they were shorts, features, or music videos.  We had to score them on different categories like the directing, cinematography, acting, and editing.  After we viewed all the submissions, each intern was put into a specific job.  Sometimes they needed us to do other tasks or other times, we were assigned to the jobs that we originally applied for.  Because my specialty is event planning, but my boss wasn’t ready to start meeting with the event planning interns, I had the opportunity to learn about researching film associations all over Southern California to come to our seminars.  Being able to already experience and learn about scoring films and researching film associations for seminars has been amazing because I thought I was just going to focus on event planning.  When you work in such a busy environment and planning a massive event like a film festival, there is never going to be a time you’re doing nothing.  I love those kinds of environments because I can always have something to do and learn!

From the first time I met my supervisor, Steph,  I was drawn to her hustle and drive.  We have only covered what opening night of the festival was going to be like and I was already so engaged and excited.  Although I can’t say much about my event planning tasks because it has just started, I am absolutely grateful for this opportunity.  After I had the courage to use the communication skills that I have learned so far at Chapman, I not only found this amazing internship, but I also realized what I want to do with my life after I graduate.  I had the amazing chance to work on a senior thesis film project in the Fall as an Art Director.  While working alongside the Production Designer and later work at this internship, I realized that I either want to design film sets or continue to plan amazing events like the Newport Beach Film Festival!