I had the amazing opportunity being a marketing intern for the last 4 months at Watkins Landmark Construction (WLC). WLC is a rapidly growing development company that dedicates their services to build and serve the client, whether it be designing sports projects or tackling difficult custom projects that many other development companies would not attempt. They are the general contractor for major industries, such as the Angel Stadium of Anaheim and the Indian Wells Tennis Garden, which are home to famous sport teams and arenas that play a large role in the American culture. WLC strives to achieve the best quality and safety for all of their products, and leave a lasting landmark after production is done, hence their name.

I assisted their brand development coordinator first-hand, and assisted with any tasks she assigned me to. Specifically, my role was to develop a social media platform and gain connections from other developing companies online. Because the company did not have a social media presence before, my job was crucially important since I had to track who was seeing our social media pages, and how I can be more creative to reach a larger audience. Also, I wrote company articles, rewrote our company letter of recommendation, and planned events such as the annual company meeting and holiday party in December. As the months went on my role in the company increased and I am happy to have contributed to WLC’s success.

I have learned more than I could have ever imagined about marketing and brand development through this internship. Now, my knowledge of marketing has increased tremendously, and I have gained other crucial professional qualities, such as time management skill and communicating in a professional environment. I truly enjoyed working at WLC, and I appreciate how welcoming and open each individual was during my experience. I hope to continue working there in the future, and highly recommend it to anyone looking to gain valuable experience in marketing or business.