Over the last 8 months I have been lucky enough to intern for BEL Event Productions, a company that specializes in event production from A to Z. This company has its own coordination team, in-house florists, and rental productions from floating candles to 5 foot chandeliers. As for clientele, BEL primarily coordinates Indian/South Asian and Persian weddings. To say that working at BEL was a cultural experience would be an understatement. I learned the ins and outs of some of the most elaborate and beautiful wedding celebrations out there. Not to mention I have picked up quite a bit of Hindu and Farsi along the way.

Wedding Mandap: a four pillar structure elevated off the ground with chairs for the bride, groom, and their parents inside. A wedding mandap is used in a Hindu or Jain wedding ceremony.

As an event coordination intern, every day in the office was completely different from the last. Some days I would be researching potential vendors and reading about wedding trends to present to our lead coordinators. Others I would be sitting in on consultations with clients helping them build a timeline of their big day and chasing down vendors for their insurance information. There would even be some days where we weren’t in the office at all because we were at site visits or final walkthroughs with clients at their venues. Then, it is showtime a.k.a. wedding day! We help with event set up to make sure every detail of our client’s vision is executed perfectly, we guide the couple through their big day making sure we make time for the things that are most important to them, and we are the main point of contact for all vendor and/or guest relations.

Sofreh Aghd: a traditional Persian wedding ceremony spread of items all in which are symbolic of an element of the couple’s new life together

As a coordinator at BEL, my favorite aspects of my job were the people I came to love and the beautiful things I got to create. They work with their clients for at least 5 months before their big day, which gives them the opportunity to build close relationships with their clients and in some cases even lasting friendships. BEL is a fairly small company. This meant that, when it came to brainstorming event designs, my opinions were actually valued. Some of my favorite weddings where when I could see my design ideas were used and couples would compliment us on our work. 

Before working at BEL, my idea of what wedding coordinators do was pretty straight forward: organizer, time manager, designer, etc. Now, after working for BEL I have realized this job title is so much more subjective than that. What we truly are is a couple’s support system. Good wedding coordinators use their communication skills to individualize and adapt to each couples’ unique needs!