Throughout this semester I have had the incredible experience of being a Social Media Marketing Intern for the Be Better Movement. #bebetter52 is a movement founded by Aly Simons to inspire people to be their best selves, all while raising money for the non-profit maternal health organization Every Mother Counts. The movement has participants from all over the country that make up an inspiring community committed to personal growth and both physical and mental wellness.

Promotion for our Valentine’s Day challenge in the circle

My position involved blog writing, social media interaction, content creation, community outreach, email design, and marketing research and analysis. I enjoyed designing creative messages for promotions. For example, we gave out stickers to our most dedicated participants and asked them to post on Instagram to raise extra money for our cause. This internship was unique because it allowed me to work remotely and behind the scenes, as well as in ways that were more hands on. One of my more engaging experiences was the time I was able to introduce myself on an Instagram Live and help announce challenge winners. Another was the time we set up hearts with anonymous love notes in the circle for our Valentine’s Day challenge. Additionally, one Saturday, Aly and I set up a table at the local Farmers’ Market and spread the word about the movement. This allowed us to interact with lots of new people, all while expanding the movement with on-the-spot sign ups. My largest role in the movement was blog writing. I wrote a series of weekly challenge blogs ranging from Mindful Eating to a Walk for Mothers to my personal favorite piece, an Earth Day blog that reflects my passion for nature.

Tabling at the Farmers’ Market

Since I am a Strategic and Corporate Communication (SCC) major, these responsibilities gave me the chance to practice many of the skills I’ve learned within my degree program. Working with Aly was amazing because I felt like my ideas were always heard and often put into action, giving me a lot of creative freedom. Something we discuss extensively in the SCC program is the importance of targeting your audience. I found myself utilizing this skill consistently at this internship as I grew to develop a deeper understanding of our community and their values. I conducted my own market research on social media to gather information about members of the movement and used that data as a guide for the content I wrote. Overall, this internship allowed me to develop a variety of skills that will benefit me in my future endeavors. It helped me discover my true potential and gain confidence in my abilities both personally and professionally, and I am very thankful for my time at the Be Better Movement.