Live Love Spa is a company that creates experiential spa events for business to business interactions within the spa industry.  It is a small company with less than twenty employees that produce events where attendees and vendors receive the best personalized experience possible.  Each employee has a personal investment in the company and would consider themselves a little family.  They take care of one another and do not have a large hierarchical structure considering the interns each lunch with the CEO.  

I started my internship at Live Love Spa in early February where I began as an events intern. I had the amazing opportunity to work with a small team of women in my office and also across the country.  My experience at Live Love Spa was amazing because I was given the opportunity to work as a member of the team.  I was never treated as an intern. I was given tasks to complete from day one, which included researching restaurants for our networking mixer after our large experiential spa events.  I had to research, contact, negotiate, and determine whether that specific restaurant was viable for our event and then I would compile all of the information I had gathered and received from proposals from each company to lay out in front of my internship supervisor.

The Live Love Spa events team provided me with countless opportunities to learn about the event planning industry as well as the spa industry.  It was an extremely rewarding experience because I also got to see my hard work come to life when I attended the Live Love Spa Orange County event, where I help check in guests and made sure my team had everything they needed.  It was one of the first events that I did research for when starting my internship and by the end of it I was working at the event meeting vendors and attendees.  

Looking back over my internship I learned so many great lessons not only about the event planning industry, but also about how a team should work together and always value each member. For example, even if one member is much lower on the totem pole, s/he makes valuable contributions and is an integral part of the team.  I learned the skills of negotiation and time management from day one and the opportunities to learn continued throughout my internship.  Not only did I develop new skills and cultivate old ones, but I also had the opportunity to meet and really get to know people on my team and within the company that made my internship an amazing experience.  These people are what made every day of work rewarding and they never let me forget that I was a part of their team.