Last summer (2017),  I interned for a hotel in a human resources position. At the time, I did not know much about HR. I just knew that I was very excited and proud to have secured an internship within the hospitality world. Ever since I was little, I had dreamed of working in a hotel.  Yet, I found out from that internship that hospitality was not the field for me. Thankfully, I also realized that HR certainly was!

Fast forward to early spring of 2018 and an opportunity with the law firm of Higbee and Associates.  Before going in for an interview, I was not too keen on interning at a law firm. I knew that I did not want to go into a career in law. I had imagined how stuffy and strict working in a law firm could be.

However, my thoughts were turned upside down upon arriving at Higbee & Associates. The firm takes quite an interest in making sure that the office is a casual and comfortable environment to work in. The first thing I noticed was that business professional attire was swapped out with business casual.

After interviewing with H&A, I was offered the Human Resources internship position and I was very excited. I could tell right from the start that this would be a fantastic fit for me. Higbee & Associates stands out from other companies who offer internship positions because they also have an internship program. They take great pride in the program and, more times than not, they directly hire employees from their internship program. Each intern is given a desk, a telephone to use during their time in the office, and an Apple computer. H&A entrust their interns with real life cases and work that has to be done. Without their interns, H&A would have a hard time operating.

Within the HR department of Higbee & Associates, I am given a lot of freedom to complete tasks. Once I earned my supervisor, Brooke’s, trust while completing small tasks for her, she decided to have me move onto sitting in on potential internship position interviews for this coming summer with her. I was so excited to be on the other side of the table and have the opportunity to see and understand how other students portray themselves in an interview setting. I also learned from Brooke what sets apart a good interviewee from a bad interviewee.

After sitting in on a few interviews and asking a couple of questions here and there in interviews, Brooke decided I was ready to start interviewing candidates by myself. I couldn’t believe it! I was a bit nervous at first, but once I learned how to work the conversation between the interviewee and myself, all my nerves went away.

It definitely helped in having the opportunity to take Interpersonal Communication and Intercultural Communication within the School of Communication. In interviews and while working on other tasks at Higbee & Associates, I am constantly tapping into my interpersonal skills to adjust to individual personalities. Additionally, there are many candidates who come to interview and English is not their first language. My knowledge of intercultural communication proves to be very helpful, since questions I ask may get misinterpreted by the interviewee. When this arises, I take a step back and evaluate how I can reword my question so that s/he can understand better.

As one can probably guess, my time interning at Higbee & Associates has been incredible. I enjoy going to work every day and know that I work with individuals who are friendly and push me to do my best. I realize how fortunate I am to have been given this opportunity. Thank you Higbee & Associates for this incredible opportunity and to the School of Communication for helping to get to where I am today!