Hey everyone! My name is Sarah Hertzberg and I am a first-year strategic and corporate communication major with a business administration minor. This spring I had the awesome opportunity to intern for Mariner West, a new Chapman student run company featuring preppy beach lifestyle clothing. I have really enjoyed working with the company because I got to meet with many diverse people who have different talents and interests. I have worked with people specializing in finance, creative writing, film, and more. I am a marketing intern and I contribute to planning marketing events, tabling, branding initiatives, and running the Instagram page. However, my role extended beyond just marketing tasks as I also gained experience in other aspects of the business including management, administrative responsibilities, keeping track of finances, design, and creating content for promotional videos.

Part of my experience was learning how to create strong Instagram content. Here is an example of a picture that I got to be in!

        Also, by interning at Mariner West, I had the opportunity to attend many awesome Chapman events such as the recent event, “House of the Arts”. My team and I brought the beach to Memorial Lawn as we created a set up with sand, palm trees, a surfboard, and more in order to display our products. The night was exciting and I was absolutely amazed by all of the artistic talents, from singers to fashion designers. I really enjoyed representing Mariner West and getting to share information about how awesome the company is.

        In addition, after learning the importance of having a strong internal brand in a company in my SCC 100 class, I really appreciate Mariner West’s mission of creating a work environment that values having fun. We stress our motto of having “no shortage of good days” and I feel that being a part of the team is no exception. I have met many talented people who have been a great time to work with. I  appreciate having respect for one another, working together as a team, always keeping positive attitudes, and keeping the work environment light-hearted. I believe that our success as a team can be attributed to our positive and fun company culture.

        I have also gained extensive experience in promoting and maintaining an external brand. So far I have helped to promote our brand identity as being altruistic because we give ten percent of our proceeds to the Ocean Foundation. I have learned how to best promote an external brand through different channels including social media posts, a blog, a website, and through interpersonal interactions. In addition, I have also spent time promoting the idea of blending East Coast prep with West Coast vibes through ways of designing booths, presentations, our Instagram feed, and a promotional video. Overall, I have learned so much about the importance of marketing and branding in a company. I am very excited to continue working with Mariner West throughout the next years and watching the company grow!