My name is Tyler Hallock and I am a senior, strategic and corporate communication major, with a minor in business, entrepreneurship. I am a native to Orange County and have been here since birth. I am originally from La Habra, California, but decided on Chapman due to its location, small community and class sizes. I ultimately chose to be a strategic and corporate communication major (SCC) due to its mix of business, communication, and public relations. I think it is a great major for students who want a mix of all three disciplines with a small and personable class size.

For my last semester at Chapman, I had the chance to intern at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in Santa Ana, California. My main responsibility was public and media relations for the department. Although I will be leaving Chapman with a career in SaaS (Software as a Service) sales, I took the opportunity to intern with the sheriff’s department as a way to get experience in public relations and corporate communication within a government organization. That’s the great thing about being an SCC major, it gives you the chance to explore different career fields until you narrow in on one that fits you best. My experiences led me down the path of PR, marketing, and sales-related fields.

At the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, my day to day tasks included sifting through emails of various organizations who were trying to reach out to the communication department of the office. This required me to analyze and prioritize emails to ensure that they were handled in an orderly fashion. It was important for me to pay attention to detail and develop new organizational skills that would help me determine the urgency of each email contact. In some instances, emails were very urgent and required me to be extremely attentive and timely in responding to each incoming message. I handled most of my duties within the communication department with other PR assistants, social media coordinators, and media correspondents. This opportunity gave me a unique chance to explore the inner workings of a government organization and explore career fields that were outside of traditional academia.

Combined with my internship, there’s an abundance of takeaways that can be drawn from the SCC major. In my opinion, one of the most crucial concepts that the SCC major taught me was understanding how crucial effective communication is in the everyday business/corporate world. Understanding this gives SCC majors a unique niche in the job market, which can be marketed to potential employers for careers to come!

Orange County Sheriff’s Department- Communication Department