Product shot I took for our website!

This summer I was fortunate enough to be the marketing and social media intern for a startup fashion company called Unmarked Collection. All my life I have been very interested in fashion and the industry surrounding it, so I was very excited about the opportunity to work my dream internship. Unmarked Collection is an online boutique with a very intricately curated line of pieces that drop every season of the year.  Since launching on August 8th, the startup’s main focus was to put together their first collection. Given that Unmarked Collection was a startup and still in the very beginning stages as a company, the team I worked with was very small. Therefore, I was very hands-on with not only marketing but many other aspects involving the company. Luckily, the skills I acquired through my small group communication course at Chapman were extremely helpful throughout the duration of my internship.

Behind the scenes from our summer lookbook shoot.


At Unmarked Collection, I not only utilized my communication skills to run online platforms but also to network with people in the industry. I was able to manage direct communication with models and photographers to propose collaborations for our line. Through these conversations, I made connections with multiple other fashion lines. I also partook in photo shoots, planning the Hawaii launch event, and picking the pieces for the collection. Unmarked Collection made me feel valued for all the work I was putting in. I am also grateful for the creative freedom I was given during my internship because I developed so many new skills. By the end of my internship, I ran multiple photo shoots and made my ideas into reality throughout multiple aspects of the line.
Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this internship was being able to partake in the gifting house for influencers. The gifting house was put on by a PR and media consulting company, who thought it would be a great way to showcase the brand.  At this event, they gifted around fifteen pieces from the collection. The team hoped that influencers would like the products enough to take them home and share them on their social media channels. Fortunately, the response from the event was overwhelming. Being able to see influencers I have followed for years posting pictures about the collection’s clothes made every minute of work worth it.

Before taking on this internship, I would scroll through intern postings for fashion companies and think that it sounded like fun and easy work.  However, I  soon learned that yes, the work is fun, but it is not easy. My entire summer consisted of projects and posts that I had to complete for Unmarked Collection. On the other hand, because of this internship, I have finally found the field of work I want to pursue after graduation. Luckily for me, they liked my work so much that I will still be working with Unmarked after this summer!