You often hear, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” With this being my second music-related internship, I can confidently say that what you know and who you know are both very important in this industry. I got my internship with the help of my last site supervisor as she interned for Fearless records when she was in college. With digital marketing experience under my belt, I applied for the Publicity spot at Fearless, seeing as it seemed like a natural move to try something similar, but different in the music field. I found the two go hand-in-hand, in which I was able to utilize my writing skills, research abilities, and knowledge of the genres and artists the label is a part of to help propel the bands and labels further in the music scene.

Originally, I don’t think I knew much about what publicists actually did until I started at Fearless. The concept had interested me for a long time, but I wasn’t knowledgeable about the role. I thought I would be making changes to band websites, helping keep fans updated with tour dates, and possibly posting on social media from time to time. However, a lot of what it actually was was doing intensive research on articles written about Fearless bands to help figure out which outlets were the best fit for every band, documenting press and photo pass requests for current and upcoming tours, and keeping an eye out for good live photos of the bands to put in the label’s picture database. While I believed I was detail-oriented before, all of these tasks really heightened my ability to pick out what works and what doesn’t for many different artists, even outside of the label.

Through this experience, I got to see how independent record labels operate in terms of publicity, including the obstacles and amount of time and work that needs to be put into these bands that are outside of the mainstream and make them successful in their own right. With the new knowledge of how to approve different requests, effectively researching the right websites, and what makes photos stand out from the rest, I know these skills will be helpful in many different aspects of the industry and allow me to give newer insights to different companies in my future in music.