Hey CU School of Communication!

Things can get busy in the Spring and it can be hard to find the right job or internship!

You don’t want to settle for less, but you’re having a hard time finding awesome opportunities.

You are not alone. 

Allow us to tell you a short story..

One day, a couple SCC Majors named Jack, Sophie and Diego realized how hard it was to narrow down what careers they could get with their SCC degree. Where would it take them?

They needed to ask Alumni— you know, the people who actually have the cool jobs right now. But they hit a wall— they ran out on InMail credits on LinkedIn and nobody was getting back to them.

Then the idea set in— what if Chapman University put the spotlight on alumni with stellar and diverse jobs? What if Chapman featured these alumni on their website? What if students could contact them with the click of a button?

What if is no longer a thing, buckle up C.U. innovation is near. . .

Hey Alumni!

Is your job awesome?

Do you want to see more undergrads get great jobs just like you?  

Volunteer to get on the School of Communication Alumni Spotlight! 

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