My name is Gina Pasquinelli and I am a Senior Strategic and Corporate Communication major here at Chapman. This is my last semester, and while I am currently in denial that I am graduating in May, I decided to finish out my college career with an internship that challenged me and allowed me to explore a new career option.

After my Senior Seminar class for SCC last fall, I decided I wanted to explore a career in Human Resources, so I decided to find HR intern positions to apply for in Orange County. After applying for a few internships for the spring semester, I was hired by the Business Expo Center, in Anaheim, California, as a human resources intern.

The Business Expo Center is Orange County’s Premier Event Venue and their goal is to meet their clients’ event budget and exceed their expectations. Interning at the Business Expo Center has been a very unique experience. Since the company only has about 10 full-time employees, it has given me the opportunity to gain more hands-on¬†experience than I could have expected as an intern with no experience in human resources. BEC has three different internship programs: event planning interns, marketing & marketing analyst interns, and human resources interns. As a human resources intern, I am responsible for the recruiting, onboarding, and offboarding of all the internship programs. I work with two other human resources interns and together we screen resumes, conduct phone and in-person interviews, and present orientation to the new interns.

Since the company is small, interns at the Business Expo Center pull a lot of weight and get the opportunity to have their voices heard in decisions. As human resources interns, we were given the freedom to create our own projects to work on when we were not recruiting new interns. As a team, we decided to revamp the orientation process. At the start of the spring term of interns, we conducted the orientation to each new intern individually, when they came in for their first day. We decided to streamline the process this time around, so we created an overarching powerpoint covering all of the policies and rules at the Business Expo Center. We also created individual powerpoints for the different internship programs, to give the interns a feel for what they will be doing on a typical day of their internship. Our first orientation date is May 4, 2018, so fingers crossed all goes as planned.

Overall I have very much enjoyed my internship at the Business Expo Center. I have learned so much about the recruiting side of human resources and gotten to get real hands-on experience in interviewing which I have enjoyed the most out of everything. I am excited to get the chance to explore new aspects of human resources in the future!