This summer, I was lucky enough to continue my internship with JetFuel Agency, a high performance digital marketing agency, based in Orange County. This company was founded by Edwin Choi and specializes in all aspects of digital marketing from PPC to Facebook. Edwin is also an advisor for growth stage companies and has built leading, award-winning digital marketing teams from scratch, and has lead e-commerce companies to upwards of 100% year-over-year growth. As you can probably tell, I was in for a full summer of learning and growth.


As soon as summer began, JetFuel became my first priority. I was put on three different channels – Facebook, SEO, and Email. I had previous experience in all three, but my continuous internship with JetFuel expanded my skill sets tenfold. With each channel and client, I was given specific KPIs (or goals) to hit for the quarter and every week. These goals helped me keep track of my weekly and monthly weekly-to-dos. A great part of working at JetFuel is that Edwin is a fanatical learner and so he really loves to invest in his workers and help us learn.


One of my KPIs were to actually become a better public speaker and leader. In order to improve this, I am now a part of the Toastmasters Club in Orange. I had always had some trouble with my communication skills and when Edwin noticed this, he suggested this as a part of my self-improvement KPIs. It’s only been about a month and a half, but I can definitely say that it’s changed the way that I am able to present and express my points during a meeting.


Another part that I loved about working at JetFuel was how I was given the opportunity to become a leader within the agency. Because of my previous experience with JetFuel, I was able to take part in teaching and helping the new talent become accustomed to JetFuel’s culture and systems. This was another great way for me to improve my public speaking weakness and it was also really fun.


Overall, I would say that my internship with JetFuel has been a great experience and I can’t wait to keep expanding my digital marketing skills. This internship has really taught me to not just focus on my growth as a marketing analyst but moreover as a leader in the marketing field.

JetFuel Agency