There is an air of entrepreneurship here which my previous work history has accustomed me to. Additionally, the high energy and intelligence commonly found in entrepreneurs are undoubtedly on display- both in terms of work tenacity and open communication. Intelica CRE was started by two principals (Dave and Gary) who have been making an innovative name for themselves in the industrial, apartment, and office commercial real estate space. Onto my superior, Amanda Jackson is an intelligent supervisor and the director of marketing. I was very excited the first time I sat down with her, as in addition to finance managing, marketing is what I have chiefly dealt with the past three years. Amanda is a strong employee who pays close attention to detail, in addition to being a working mother- she always has time for my clarification questions and concerns.

My responsibilities and the projects I worked on consisted of Salesforce clean up, Salesforce communication with other platforms, and Salesforce system configuration settings IE- Microsoft outlook and Cyrus. After the Salesforce platform was cleaned and the various platforms were synced, I had to install the changes to each employee’s systems. The next phase was to create a company-wide distribution list in MailChimp, importing and cleaning up the contacts in Salesforce. Finally, the last step was to establish two-way communication between Salesforce and MailChimp. While this may not sound too crazy, I came with absolutely no knowledge about these platforms and very little tech skills, so the name of the game was research. The first week and all throughout was entirely research as I had to ensure I was making the correct adjustments. Salesforce is the centerfold of the brokers’ workflow; contacts, leads, deals, and properties, it all goes here. Needless to say, there was pressure as I was stepping into something completely foreign, yet essential to the function and flow of the company. That being said, I took the time learning the ins and outs of this complicated platform, speaking with my supervisor and communicating effectively to break down the problems facing the company in relation to the Salesforce platform. Researching these issues, speaking with customer service, and considering all options and their resulting implications before making a decision. This type of work can be attributed to complicated and sensitive problem-solving.

This marked the beginning of the next phase, switching gears to create a company-wide contact master list. This was a long arduous process…. as I had to import contacts from Salesforce platform to excel, search for hundreds if not a thousand missing emails to make the contacts clean and to be able to import them to MailChimp. Admittedly this was the definition of repetitive, but ultimately necessary in order to create the most efficient and updated master list-which is made up of contacts that will be used for marketing campaigns and as potential buyers/sellers. There were 14 lists total which I had to do this work for-logistics, service, brokers, accountants, etc. After importing them all to MailChimp, I was to re-load them onto SF so that it will update the incomplete contacts in their system. After all of these tasks were completed, it was on to the last two days. Amanda Jackson, my supervisor, informed me that she would be gone Friday (July 27th), so we sat together in her office after running through MailChimp to discuss my work and progress. She told me that she thought I had done a tremendous job and said that it takes “stones” to come into a platform like this and make the system changes that I did -with so much potential for catastrophic error, I agreed with her and said that’s why you paid me the big bucks-jokingly of course. She laughed and lightheartedly asked me to stay and skip school.

The mood returned to slight seriousness as she asked me how I felt about it and if I had learned anything. I thanked her for the opportunity and that in fact, I had learned a lot. I told her that although the work was long and required a great deal of research, it came down to problem-solving, which is something I enjoy and excel at. I also thanked her for her supervision and informed her that I was a fan of her approach. She answered questions when I had them, guided me when I needed it, and kept me on task- all the while letting me make my own decisions. We concluded with her indicating that she will always be in my corner and that if I wanted a letter of recommendation or any other form of support, all I had to do is ask. I nodded and told her that after her mini vacation I would reach out for one. I shook her hand, had a beer with her, and wished her well. The last day I came into to clean up the lists by copying any info that didn’t get transferred into Salesforce from MailChimp, but there was only a little. The final thing I did was to impart my knowledge onto former intern and now Broker-Rob Sieckhaus, I taught him about the SalesForce and Outlook integration. I walked him through the process and made it as easy as I could. I had previously made the configurations and all he had to do was hit the activate button. Then I instructed him where to find the SF for Outlook add-on and the settings that come along with that. The two programs are now communicating, and Rob knows the steps. He’s a quick learner thankfully.

      All things considered, I enjoyed being here the past 8 weeks. The people are kind, funny, and endearing. Additionally, I was given the opportunity to come into this company blind, using a platform and system blind, and tasked with fixing problems that have plagued them with inefficiencies and confusion. It took an incredible amount of time and attention to detail to solve, but by identifying the problem truly, I was able to work intelligently from the bottom up without mistakes. Although computer information technology wasn’t my forte- its sure feels like a strong suit now. Perhaps more than that though, I have learned more about myself and my capabilities. I came into a foreign land so to speak and was able to comprehend the problem and create solutions-and that is something I am proud of. Thank you Amanda Jackson and Intelica commercial real estate for giving me this opportunity, I will carry the lessons and knowledge with me.