Garrett Aanestad’s dream school turned into his dream career. Below he shares his experience going from Chapman student to Chapman staff.

What is your job description?

Fundraising for the Chapman Fund to better serve the needs of our students and campus community.

What did you when you were not in class?

I played all four years on the  Men’s Water Polo team. My time was devoted to this during the year, along with my studies. While it might not be formal work experience, the life skills I have learned through athletics have aided me tremendously in my personal toolkit.

Did your Chapman University education benefit your career?

It has benefited me in more ways than I could shortly synthesize here. The skills I developed and continue to use today directly from my degree, the friendships and connections that I have benefited from immensely, and the person that Chapman helped shaped me to be is who I bring into the workplace and life in general.

Any advice for current Chapman University students?

If you want great results, put in great work. The courses that I gained the most out of, I usually put the most effort into. The more involved I became, the more things happened in my favor. It isn’t all just luck, but really, people do notice when you go above and beyond. Plus, life is completely different after graduating, so no matter how you are able attend Chapman, make the most out of it.