Getting festive for the holidays in the office!

By: Emilie Allen

This semester I had the opportunity to be a Digital Marketing Intern at Wild Attire Inc. Wild Attire is an eCommerce company that operates several online retailers, the largest being One awesome aspect of this company is its small size that allows for all operations to take place in the same facility, from product design to packing and distribution. This set up has enabled me to observe the inner workings of eCommerce and learn all that goes into the success of a brand. It also makes for a tight-knit office culture that encourages creative freedom, communication, and fun.

Some of the responsibilities of my role at the company include social media marketing, market research, influencer, and partner outreach, writing newsletters, blog writing, and curating personalized subscription boxes. Of these, I spend the majority of my time on social media, especially Pinterest. This has been a great experience in marketing because I am able to put myself in the shoes of our target audience and tailor my posts accordingly. I have also enjoyed the outreach I do for the company. One such project has been our annual Holiday Gift Guide, where I hand selected products to include. I reached out to the PR departments of brands I wanted us to partner with and received some amazing products for cross promotion. I also enjoyed researching our competitors and analyzing the strategies they use in order to improve and expand upon our own marketing strategies.

Our snazzy newly renovated office space.

Another thing I love about this company is the incredible office. Wild Attire makes its employees’ wellbeing a priority, as evidenced by our luxurious and aesthetically pleasing space. The office is dog-friendly, so there is never a shortage of furry friends to brighten your day. In addition, there is a kitchen area that is always stocked with healthy snacks, an espresso machine, and even a nap room (which I use frequently on my lunch break). We also have fun at work, with a costume contest on Halloween and a series of Christmas-inspired competitions throughout the month of December. It has been interesting to experience the ways management molds the company culture through shared values and team traditions.

Interning at Wild Attire has been the perfect supplementation to what I am learning in the School of Communication at Chapman. I have been able to implement the skills I have learned in my university program, while also gaining some valuable industry-specific knowledge. Overall, my experience at Wild Attire has been a great first taste of corporate life and has given me the tools necessary to expand my strategic communication skill set and grow professionally.