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This past semester I had the opportunity of interning at The Chugh Firm in Cerritos, California.

Throughout my life, I have always been interested in pursuing law and becoming a lawyer, but I began to stray from the idea the last few years of high school when I learned that many attorneys hated their jobs. I didn’t want to chase a career in a field where so many people hated what they do. However, I decided I would try and intern at a firm so that I could develop my own opinion.

This was one of the best decisions I have ever made because this internship made me realize that going into the legal field is what I want for myself. Though these past few months weren’t a smooth ride, I have definitely learned a lot more than I expected and I feel like this experience helped shape me as a person as well.

At The Chugh Firm, my role as a litigation intern and working under a senior paralegal meant I got to directly assist lawyers with their upcoming cases. The firm specifically specializes in civil, immigration, and family law. In turn, much of my work revolved around researching within these three areas. Moreover, I was also given many different projects throughout the months. One of the most important tasks I was in charge with was creating and updating an active case task list. Every week, I would add/delete cases, organize the upcoming hearing dates or deadlines, and write summaries of the firm’s current role within that case. Researching and maintaining this excel sheet for communication between the lawyers and paralegals were the two main aspects of my job. Aside from my assignments, I was also able to help with last-minute requests and whatever was needed along the way. This included talking to clients and retrieving paperwork from them to going to the nearby courthouses and filing cases with the clerks.

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This internship was a surreal experience. It was a semester filled with so many life lessons and it took me one step further to achieving my dream future. This internship opened up a new chapter in my life and I am so grateful to have experienced this opportunity.