Over the past four months, I was able to work with Integrous Women. Integrous Women is a social enterprise that works specifically with women on workshops and networking events for entrepreneurs; we provide personal coaching and tutorials to help women get ahead in the business world. Part of the proceeds from the memberships goes to an orphanage in Guatemala that Integrous Women is partnered with. The company is very new so my team is small it consists of seven amazing and driven women, all from different places. My communication skills have really benefited me throughout my internship. I was able to use what I have learned to do my own personal networking, tas his internship is a lot about communication. Whether it be mass communication through our social media outlets or personal emails. I am always constantly in communication with either the members or my team. The other women I worked with mentioned that they wished they had been a communication major in college. They love that I am getting my degree in communication and psychology. They say the most important thing you can learn is to be an effective communicator.

Some of the attendees

Taking classes such as public speaking and interpersonal communication allowed me to be more comfortable talking to many new people and adjusting my communication styles based off of my audience. When we host events, I am in charge of checking everyone in, so it normally consists of at least thirty women of all ages and from all different backgrounds. It is so interesting to hear the multiple stories told by these women. After everyone comes in we hold a seminar about certain subjects specifically asked for by the members, an example would be substantially. I am constantly trying to memorize names and make sure I speak to all of the members.

Women at the conference

Which can be overwhelming at times but it has become a challenge that has helped me grow and allows me to get my name out into the business world. After the talk, the members are separated out into smaller groups to discuss their personal experiences with each other. While they do that, I am taking a lot of photos for our many media networks. Then after the event, I am in charge of following up with the people who didn’t attend and recording all of the surveys and member information. My diverse educational background of communication, psychology and graphic design allows me to play many parts in my internship.  These past four months has allowed me to grow as a person and given me many challenges to learn from. My communication has played a key role and given me the advantages I needed to be successful in this internship.