As someone who had previously worked multiple part-time jobs (and internships) relating to fashion, I knew it was a trend that I wanted to continue. When I saw the post looking for an intern at a recently debuted and growing fashion brand – Entireworld – I answered right away. Created by Scott Sternberg, who previously founded clothing line Band of Outsiders, Entireworld is a totally new endeavor. It’s a line of simple, bold, high-quality basics for men and women.

When I first showed up to the giant building on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. There was every type of business you could imagine nestled in the skyscraper, but I soon made my way to the Entireworld suite. I opened the door and was greeted with a view of the city from the wall length windows, and also a small Brussels Griffon. The dog’s name was Zod, Entireworld’s mascot and occasional star of their ads.

Zod the dog

Upon starting at Entireworld I quickly jumped right into work. The new line had debuted in spring 2018, and so far it’s only available online, so I was quickly trained in the art of e-commerce. Samples needed to be organized, sorted, and displayed for visiting clients, and then properly cataloged on Shopify. Next, there was social media. Every day I would assist in monitoring our Instagram page, carefully checking the analytics of each post, and replying to comments. I used PeopleMap to help track our campaigns and find new influencers to reach out to. My years of spending endless hours on Instagram were finally paying off! In my Message Design class, we had learned a lot about personal brand- everyone has one. I used that to analyze influencers and make lists of ones whose brand fit ours. Lastly, I got to be a part of the production of content for our social media and website. Much of the pictures and videos were filmed in the built-in studio in the suite, meaning that I got to watch and assist in all the steps of the advertising process from beginning to end. Be sure to check out the Instagram (@entireworld) to see some of Zod’s starring roles!

Work space

All in all, I think the best part of working for a smaller company was that there was something different to do every day. I got to take a hands-on variety course in all the topics that interested me, while pulling skills from all the different classes that I’ve taken at Chapman. And of course, working in fashion is always a plus!