I have had the pleasure of being a student worker at Chapman since I transferred here in 2017. Being employed at school has its advantages, including the location convenience and the flexible hours. Many first-year students don’t know much about on-campus jobs, and it may seem tricky to navigate at first, but it’s fairly simple to find positions you are interested in. Being a transfer student, learning about the campus and college, in general, is intimidating as a junior, but being informed is the first step. I knew I wanted to work on campus, and doing research about that beforehand was helpful.

If you go to www.chapman.edu/jobs, you can find a multitude of resources, including information about on-campus jobs. Click on the Student Employment Positions link, and you’ll be sent to a web page of a list of jobs. Applying is convenient; the algorithm provides a few questions about your qualifications and, often time, asks you to attach a resume, cover letter, and possibly a letter of recommendation. Once you fill out the answers and your weekly availability, it saves to your job portal, and you can apply to as many jobs you want without having to answer the questions again (other than attaching the appropriate documents)!

My job experience at Chapman has been an interesting one, and it has definitely taught me a lot about myself as an employee and as a person, as well. I began my job at the public safety dispatch office in March 2018. It was incredibly different from my other job on campus, as it can be fast-paced in the office, but I have enjoyed the environment and the people that I work with. Working in dispatch is different from anything I have ever been a part of, but that newness is an advantage. Being in this atmosphere has shown me how to better listen, remain calm in hectic situations, and provide effective customer service. As a communication studies major, I gain knowledge about effective communication skills, but my job allows me to truly put that to the test.

Working on campus has been a wonderful experience for me, as I have been given an opportunity to interact with the Chapman community in a different way. It has given me a new perspective on the inner workings of the school and it’s the approach on safety, as well as allowed me to improve as a human being. If you are new to Chapman or Orange and think being a student worker is best for you, do your own investigating to find a good fit, but also, reach out to the career center, or the financial aid office, or an academic advisor. They are there for a reason; use them and their expertise!