My name is Kelly Mark and I am an aspiring event planner. As a senior, my desire to pursue an internship with a highly-regarded event planning company this semester was at the top of my -“approaching-graduation”- to-do list. I wanted the chance to explore my career options in more depth and direct involvement. During my collegiate career, I have been fortunate to have obtained experience through multiple internship opportunities. However, this specific opportunity with All You Need Is Love Events has offered me more insight and responsibility than I could have ever imagined.

Kelly Mark, B.A. Strategic & Corporate Communication, Entrepreneurship Minor ’19.

This is a beautiful, rustic wedding featuring blush and white tones I assisted with during my internship experience. Photo by Valorie Darling Photography.

All You Need Is Love Events is a luxury, boutique wedding planning company based in both Orange County and the greater Los Angeles area founded by two hardworking, passionate women, Shannon Dexter and Vikki Marsee. The company offers an array of planning packages including “Full Event Planning and Coordination”, “Partial Event Planning and Coordination”, and “Month of Coordination.” The success of this company can be directly connected to Shannon and Vikki’s devotion to creating flawless events that reflect their client’s personal wants and needs.

As an Associate Planner with All You Need Is Love Events my duties covered an extensive amount of aspects related to the event planning industry. I feel as though the best way to categorize these responsibilities would be through my -“in-person”- work, as opposed to my digital communication work. Some of my -“in-person”- duties would include assisting in client walk-through, design, and vendor meetings, not to mention assisting at the actual wedding/event days. As for my communication and digital work; I was involved in creating design boards for client visions, responding to client and vendor emails, putting together wedding day timelines, and even taking on my own sales calls with potential clients. I also assisted in the company’s social media marketing. Shannon and Vikki emphasized that involving me in so many aspects of their company was crucial in offering me a versatile and qualified presence in this industry.

This position surpassed my expectations as an intern, as I was trusted with high levels of responsibility that I feel have taken my skills and abilities as an event planner to new heights. As I look back at my experience as an Associate Planner for All You Need Is Love Events I am more certain than ever that my passion for this career is rooted not only in my experiences but more importantly, the connections I have made through these learning opportunities. This experience has proven to me that pursuing a career in this competitive industry is so much more than designing flower arrangements or tasting wedding cakes. It is a creative field that requires strong interpersonal skills, advanced business tactics, as well as a dedication to fulfill client visions. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity I received with All You Need Is Love Events and I am confident the skills I have cultivated through this experience will continue to serve me in my journey to becoming a successful event planner.