When searching for an Internship I sought through so many but was struggling to find one that suited me and my busy schedule. That’s why I decided to intern with Marine Layer; I had previously worked with last summer to gain some work experience and while I was there I was just a sales associate. So coming back to this brand made me feel at home, but this time I was coming on board as a marketing intern. They are located in beautiful, Newport Beach in the oh-so trendy Lido Marina Village. Marine Layer is a San Francisco based brand that strives on comfort and using only the best of the best fabrics. Supima cotton and Micro-modal are their two staple fabrics, and by using these fabrics is how they get their clothes to be so desirable.

little girl dressed in a super cute Marine Layer Raglan

(This is a little girl I babysit for dressed in a super cute Marine Layer Raglan!)

I began my journey in September working with the manager Taylor Craft. When I first interviewed with her we clicked right away and it was almost like she needed me as much as I needed her. Their marketing team was basically non-existent when I started, but now they brought on one other girl who is a student at UCI. I became the person to talk to when it came to planning events and getting the word out about Marine Layer.

What drew me in about Marine Layer is one that they are a privately owned company and have 37 stores, yes 37! They are very connected and interactive with their employees as long as making sure customers are always number one priority. So when it came to communicating with my coworkers and the guests, I used tools from my previous classes such as Message Design and Fundamental Marketing, to help connect and market for a company that I am so lucky to be a part of.

At the office

I created flyers a couple weeks into it after re-learning the ropes around the store and about my new position with the company. I talked a lot to the surrounding stores to see if they could pass out these flyers with 10% off their purchase at Marine Layer to draw in more customers. They had been struggling for a few months because of low traffic flow and not enough shoppers. I had to do some research to find out who exactly their target audience was to appeal to them and get people to spend money and have an overall great shopping experience. Communication was obviously a big factor in this internship opportunity and I learned a lot about communicating effectively with different types of people. I also was able to plan a couple of small events and got to collaborate with the new Malibu Farms that just opened up about a month and a half ago. I wouldn’t change this opportunity for the world and am grateful to have been asked to come back for the Spring and possibly the Interterm semester to plan some bigger events. My hopes with the Marine Layer company is to possibly move to San Francisco once I graduate to work with their team at HQ.