Hey everyone! For those who do not know me, my name is Abigail Francis, and I am currently a junior studying strategic and corporate communication while double-minoring in graphic design and public relations at Chapman University. I recently completed an internship at Karyn Elizabeth Jewelry, which is a small jewelry company based online that sells handmade 24k gold pieces to a luxury audience focused in Southern California. This internship experience opened my eyes to the significance of digital marketing in the fashion and jewelry industry.

A New Wave of Shopping

More than ever before, people are using social media apps like Facebook and Instagram to purchase clothing and jewelry off of third party sources. Social media companies have developed ‘Shoppable Links,’ which redirect users to the company website and ordering information with the click of a button. Throughout my internship, I conducted research on the future of the company after launching the Karyn Elizabeth Jewelry official website. I found that ‘Shoppable Links’ were the future of shopping, especially for the company’s target audiences. Even simply linking information to where to purchase the jewelry increased our user traffic and sales.

The Jewelry Line’s Instagram

Influencer Marketing

Before this internship experience, I pictured Instagram influencers as models with millions of followers getting paid thousands of dollars per post. What I did not realize was the smaller, yet sometimes more effective influencers who have a couple thousand very loyal followers. These influencers are great resources for smaller companies, such as Karyn Elizabeth Jewelry because they bring customers that value brand loyalty.

I found this research to be one of the main highlights of my internship experience because I got to find, follow, and eventually reach out to women with such cool backgrounds and pages. As a person who spends a great deal of time on Instagram, I had a lot of fun seeing the business side of these influencers and how they interact with the products they are sponsoring.

Example of Instagram Story

Social Media IS a Business

Having an internship that lived primarily on social media, Instagram specifically, I was exposed to the reality of social media being used to make money versus just sharing photos with friends. Posting daily and creating interactive Instagram Story content for the Karyn Elizabeth Jewelry feed was a great skill to build in digital marketing. I would shoot little impromptu photoshoots with girls I knew in order to continue producing a large amount of high-quality content needed to get attention on social media. I also developed weekly marketing schedules in order to spread out content to create a visually aesthetic feed.

Closing Thoughts

         Overall, I recommend having an internship or some professional experience working with digital marketing, as it is so prevalent for communication experts today. Taking control of an entire feed is a big responsibility, and I believe one of the greatest professional experiences I have had thus far. I am so thankful for the time I spent at Karyn Elizabeth Jewelry and to have learned so much about the jewelry industry.