A picture With My Swim Team

Hello everyone! My name is Jake Daitch and I am a freshman at Chapman this year. I am from Topsfield, MA a small town just north of Boston. Some of my interests include theatre, swimming, social justice, traveling, nutrition and house hunting. Back in high school I swam on the varsity team for all four years and am now swimming on the team here at Chapman. Back home I also work at Richardson’s Dairies as an ice cream scooper and am in the process of getting my spin instructors license so I can teach at my local gym.

Part of the Informative Theatre Performance

I was also heavily involved with the non-profit organization, Terezin- Children of the Holocaust. This organization travels to high schools and theaters all over the world performing a play that depicts the life of children during their time in Nazi concentration camps. The hope is to educate young people about the consequences of xenophobic thinking and to encourage people to take action when they witness injustice.  I performed and assistant directed several of the productions that were performed in Cuba, California and in high schools all around Massachusetts.

 I am currently a Communication Studies major here at Chapman. I chose Communication Studies as my major because I love talking to people. I am fascinated by the manner in which people communicate with each other, as well as the impact that digital technology and mass media have had on the way people communicate interpersonally. I am not yet clear about a career path following graduation. I do know I want my career to be highly interactive and take place in a social environment. I felt that a communication studies degree would best prepare me for this kind of career.

Being a part of the School of Communication so far has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. All of my professors have been supportive and welcoming and I have developed great relationships with many of the students in my major. I was drawn to the SoC Student Advisory Board because I feel like it is a great opportunity to serve my fellow classmates and teachers that have made my first semester at Chapman so great. I’m excited to get started and to begin working with everyone!
If anyone ever needs to contact me for questions or just to bring something to my attention, feel free to email me (daitch@chapman.edu). I’m always happy to help!
All the best,