Hi! My name is Claudia De La Macorra and this is my fourth semester here at Chapman. I recently declared my major as Strategic and Corporate Communication with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Sociology. I am an international student and I just experienced the most memorable internship over these past few weeks. I had the privilege to be a part of an amazing team and company, ListReports. ListReports is a tech company that makes the process of buying and selling a home a truly delightful experience. The company is made up of the most diverse and genuine group of people I have ever met. Something I found special about this company is their culture and how employees interact with each other. I noticed that the culture they carry is what allows them to work so well and efficiently together. I feel lucky I was able to experience that and learn about what pushes a company towards success.

The company has several departments and I was lucky enough to intern in the sales department with customer success and sales employees. Interning in this department taught/introduced me to numerous platforms big businesses utilize nowadays, some I never knew even existed. Some of these include: Vidyard, Rippling, Streak, DocuSign, Trello, Quip, etc. My mentor taught me how to properly use all of them and I was able to apply them in the emails I sent out to attract potential customers. I enjoyed this task because I was able to use my own persuasive skills and creativity to see what techniques worked best to promote the product and bring in more interested customers.  

In other words, I was able to record myself using Vidyard, use Gifs, and encrypt videos into emails. This was one of the platforms I used to get my message across to customers.

My knowledge definitely grew these last few weeks with this amazing internship. I learned so much from my mentor, the employees and from the feedback I got back from customers. I was also able to track my progress through a weekly meeting with my mentor and using excel sheets.