During interterm, I interned for Digital Wellness Collective

Digital Wellness Collective was previously known as Digital Wellness Warriors. Digital Wellness is a group of professionals in the wellness and health industry who are working together to create change. Many of the members in the collective are a part of different fields in the industry, but share a common goal of digital wellbeing. The members are based around the world, forming a diverse group of people with various viewpoints. Each of the members worked for different companies but used Digital Wellness Collective as a way to unite and work towards a common goal. That being said, my internship is based online, so the workload is in my hands and the timing is up to me. I had multiple calls every week with my team, but between the calls, I had to complete tasks such as contacting members and researching social media.

The biggest challenge I faced during this internship was it being over the computer, rather than in-person. We had calls multiple times a week to discuss the tasks I was working on along with

The professionals in the collective work for different organizations, but all come together for Digital Wellness Collective.

the overall tasks of the company. On these calls were the board, a group of professionals that were leading the collective in creating change and increasing the size and the knowledge of the collective. The goal was to educate the public through events and blog posts because it is clear that digital wellness is on the rise and is important due to the increase of technology use in our lives. Every day I found articles that I posted on the Slack page for our collective. These articles were a way for the members to conveniently find the current research without having to look far. I loved reading and posting the articles because I learned about the topics from different viewpoints and from the perspective of industry professionals.

One of the best moments I experienced during my internship with the Digital Wellness Collective was being asked to attend the Wisdom 2.0 convention with the collective and learning more about digital wellness. I am looking forward to continuing my internship next semester and attending the convention in March. I started the internship knowing little about digital wellness, but in the first week, I took an online course by Future Learn. This allowed me to understand the different categories of digital wellness as well as the depth of digital wellness. With this new knowledge, I was able to dive into the categories of my interest, such as how mental health is affected by digital wellness, the ways we connect online, and how there has been an increase in digital addiction. I would have not found this interest of mine without the training on digital wellness and my internship, because it was not an industry I would have thought interested me.

At the beginning of my internship, I set learning objectives for myself to help measure the amount I have completed during my internship. My two objectives during my internship that I set were to increase the number of organizations that are part of the collective to 100 organizations. During the short amount of time, we did not increase the number to 100 but still increased the number by 15 in three weeks. Over the next semester, I will continue to work on increasing the number of organizations in the collective and increase the awareness of digital wellness. My second learning objective was to increase the awareness of digital health and well-being, which I did through posting articles that had current and up to date research. In the future of my internship, I will be posting these articles to the Digital Wellness Warriors blog, as well as writing articles of my own based on the current studies.

I highly recommend participating in an internship as a college student because it made me understand how I can apply the knowledge and skills that I learn in class in the real world. Also, I have understood what things are interesting to me such as social media marketing, and research. It helps to figure out what type of industry you want to work in when you are out of college and the type of company you would like to work for. At Digital Wellness Collective, the main team is very close-knit with calls almost every day, made me feel close with the team and gave me work that was interesting and benefited the company, along with myself. I am planning on continuing my internship next semester, and more internships in the future in different fields of communication.