This semester I was given the opportunity to work with the Digital Wellness Collective (DWC) as their communication and social media intern. The DWC is a group of forward-thinking educators, mental health practitioners, software developers, social change organizers and champions of tech for good. The mission of the DWC is “to enhance human relationships by supporting the intentional use and development of technology” (DWC website). My main responsibility was to organize and create their Instagram from scratch! In turn, I had many great moments during this internship, but I would have to say that one of my favorite moments was finally getting a grasp on what our followers wanted to see and utilizing this knowledge to post carefully structured and organized content. One very important lesson that I learned during this internship was patience and resilience. The first few weeks were very frustrating as I was trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing and what exactly it was that my boss wanted me to do. After hanging in there through the first few weeks, I began to get the hang of what I needed to do and that’s when I was able to let my creativity soar!

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The School of Communication prepared me for my internship tasks by increasing my ability to communicate with a wide array of people. This proved to be very useful when I reached out to our 150+ followers and when I would communicate with potential partners and my superiors. Most people have internships that are in-office, where your boss is close by and you can ask questions and get very fast responses. My internship was remote, and my boss was hundreds of miles away. I would have to say that one of the hardest parts of this internship was the distance between my boss and me. The distance made communication hard at times and things sometimes got miscommunicated because we were unable to exchange words verbally. My boss and I were able to overcome the distance by having weekly video conference calls and additional calls as needed.

The topic of digital wellness is a very new and up and coming topic. One of my professional goals was to raise awareness of digital wellness through my Instagram posts. I started off the Instagram in February with around 15 followers and I grew the Instagram to over 150 followers in just three months! I would have to say that I helped to raise awareness of digital wellness and it’s very gratifying to know that my work was able to spread awareness of such an important topic.

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Being a student in the School of Communication offers me endless opportunities for employment after graduation. I was very interested in social media and being able to take part in this internship really assured my feelings and passion for handling social media accounts as well as giving me a nice resume booster.

Some advice that I would give is the importance of time management. While internships are very important, so is your personal wellbeing and it’s important to make sure that you’re making time for your internship, your studies, but most importantly, yourself! We only have one body and we have to be nice to it and take care of it!


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