Marine Layer is a sustainable clothing company based out of San Francisco, but I was lucky enough to intern at their beautiful location in Newport Beach (Lido Marina Village). When I first started interning I was lost, but with the right guidance from my internship advisor and boss, Taylor, I learned so much the first time around and was thrilled when I got offered to come back for my Spring semester. This year, Marine Layer has been focused on its Respun launch. They received over 70,000 tees from customers and have given them new life. The newly released tees are made from 100% recycled shirts with no added dyes or water. Respun is something Marine Layer plans to do for as long as they are a company. Consequently, a lot of my focus was prepping for the launch and making sure all customers knew what it was and when it was launching.

Marine Layer Tees

I made flyers for the launch, passed them out to all clothing stores in Lido Marina Village, and made sure to put one in every customer’s bag when they made a purchase. One of my favorite parts about interning with Marine Layer was the relationships I got to build with the customers. I think that made a big difference in my process creating marketing emails. I typed and edited these emails in hopes of bringing in new and recurring customers; which showed an increase in our conversion since I was also targeting customers who were loyal to the brand.

Mother’s Day Event Mimosas

Besides being responsible for designing flyers and marketing them to Lido and customers; I was also in charge of putting on events for the location. We had a successful Valentine’s Day event where we set up mini carnival games on the Bocce ball court. As well as my most recent Mother’s Day event. We had mimosas for mom as well as a discount for 20% off all women’s clothing. It was a great hit and turned out to be one of our busiest days in sales since January. I am so lucky to have been able to spend my Spring semester internship with Marine Layer. I’m happy to have had a mutually beneficial relationship while interning with Marine Layer. I helped bring awareness to the brand, and they gave me valuable, hands-on experience with creating a strong customer base.