Like every college student in their junior year, I am in search and excited to explore what I want to focus on as a career path when I graduate. Through a previous internship, an interest in the event planning industry sparked my interest and I was eager to learn the ins and outs through more internship experience. This past semester, I had the amazing opportunity to be a special events intern at Eureka Building, which is located in Irvine. Eureka Building is an entrepreneur and innovative tech campus, offering startups in Orange County a community and creative space. I worked under the Director of Eureka Building, Taylor Decker, who handles all operations at Eureka with a focus on both corporate and wedding-related events. She has been with Eureka since the beginning alongside the founder, Peter Polydor. I also had the opportunity to work directly with Lauren McAlindin, a recent graduate from Chapman and the coordinator at Eureka. Throughout my experience, I was lucky enough to work with this encouraging team that was willing to help me grow in the knowledge of the company and event coordination every day.

As a special events intern at Eureka Building, I assisted with the coordination and marketing of events, scheduled event inquiries, acted as a source of contact for outside clients, and helped put together and ran the social media for Eureka FEST 2019, Orange County’s largest startup festival of the year. Eureka FEST was an amazing experience for me and showed me how much work, dedication, and passion it takes to put together a successful event together. This festival put me in the presence of intelligent and influential entrepreneurs and industry experts through several pitches and speakers, including Billy Zane and Stellene Volandes. I assisted to staff members throughout the day that brought many startups together and covered social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat to promote the event and increase social presence. It was an exciting opportunity for me to jump in and gain confidence as I’m working towards transferring into a career setting.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience with Eureka Building. I gained real-world experience and got to dive into the events industry while being surrounded by extremely supportive people. I gained skills in email management, event planning, gained exposure to graphic design, and improved team communication in a creative environment. It was inspiring to work beside such driven and committed individuals and I am fortunate to have received this opportunity.