Whenever I tell someone my major is Strategic and Corporate Communication at Chapman University, their first question is usually to the effect of, “so what are you going to do with that degree after graduation?” I respond by saying how I want to use the social marketing skills I learned in the classroom to make a difference in the world, preferably in the non-profit sector of business. My internship with Celebrate Forever gave me the opportunity to create a positive impact on people’s lives, while also learning more about the non-profit business world as their Marketing and Communications Intern.

Celebrate Forever Foundation is based in Newport Beach California. They provide marriage and pre-marriage counseling resources for couples of all different backgrounds. Their mission is to save one family, meaning that they take pride in each individual they help, which in turn can save a family, which then can save another family, and so on. One task as the Marketing and Communications Intern entailed creating and uploading social media content for all social media platforms, using applications like Canva and Hootsuite. I also had the opportunity to learn how to edit and upload website content through the company’s web designing platform, WordPress, as well as communicating with the foundation’s web designer, Brandastic, on bigger projects. The marketing Intern team was also involved in planning events for Celebrate Forever to better inform the public on what resources the foundation provides for happier, healthy couples. We also had the exciting opportunity to help launch a pilot program that paired Celebrate Forever with the Lasting App, and it was exciting to see the pilot start as just an idea and grow into a product to help couples improve their relationships. My internship taught me a lot about logistics with what goes into running a nonprofit as well as key communication skills. The intimate setting made it possible for me to build relationships with not only my coworkers, but my superior and the founders as well. Everyone working at Celebrate Forever had the strongest sense of their personal and company values, which made it a comfortable and rewarding place to work.

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Working with Celebrate Forever taught me a lot about what it takes to have a successful organization, but it also taught me about my own abilities as someone contributing to an organization. I found myself using what I had learned in my SCC classes, especially pertaining to target audience marketing, to help work towards saving one family. Overall, Celebrate Forever not only had a positive impact on my professional development but my development as a human being as well.