My internship this semester was at Modern Luxury, LLC under their Marketing and Operations teams, but first let me introduce myself. My name is Brenda Salomé and I am in my final semester at Chapman University. I will be receiving a double major in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and in Strategic and Corporate Communications. I come from a diverse background that gave me the privilege of traveling from a young age. The experiences I absorbed throughout my life reflect greatly in my interests and is why I want to pursue my career in the field of international marketing strategies. This career, for me, would encompass everything I have learned both in the courses I took at Chapman University as well as the interpersonal relations I have developed with students and staff.

Modern Luxury, LLC is one of the top magazine companies in Los Angeles with features such as Los Angeles Confidential and Angeleno. I had the privilege of working alongside some great mentors in both the Marketing and Operations Departments, which have truly made a lasting impression on me. Under the Marketing team, I was able to learn many skills, specifically how to integrate SEO, interpret key performance indicators (KPIs), and manage and post press releases on the Los Angeles Confidential. I have learned all these skills at Chapman, but it is even more beneficial when you actually apply these marketing enhancers and see actual results. Under the Operations Team, I was able to develop skills such as creating invoices, managing office needs, and assisting with meeting presentations. I think it was so beneficial to me to perform these tasks to really get a glance at how much work goes into keeping everything organized and functioning properly. Managing tasks like these will surely present themselves in the future, so I am glad I was able to learn more about it.

While the skills I learned previously mentioned were the main objective of my internship, I took away much more. The company culture at Modern Luxury is something that I will be looking for in the next company I work for. The sense of family, openness, and love for what they do was a breath of fresh air and is something I want to bring into any company. The people that work there genuinely care about one another and are always willing to help. I am sad that my time with Modern Luxury has come to an end, but I have learned so much through this internship.