Blue Light Media Logo

Hello! My name is Carson and I am a sophomore Strategic and Corporate Communication major. This semester I had the opportunity to intern at the digital media marketing company, Blue Light Media in Costa Mesa. They mainly focus on smaller companies in the Orange County area specializing in nutrition products. The products their clients offer range from protein cookies to all-natural hair and skin care products. At Blue Light, they believe in putting heart into everything they do, which is reflected in their company logo and how they carry themselves on a daily basis.

One aspect of what I have learned in school that has been evident in my internship is the importance of tailoring to your target audience. From the first interaction they have with a potential client to creating perfect photographs of their clients’ products month after month, I have realized how prominent a role the target audience plays in the overall communication in the workplace. Now, I will be highlighting a couple of tasks I completed throughout my time at Blue Light.

One of my main duties was assisting with product photoshoots for use on social media pages. Not only was this fun, but I was able to be more creative. For some of the photos, I took control and staged the photos how I thought best fit. While doing this I had to keep in mind all of the ten steps of developing a strategic marketing plan in order to make sure I was showcasing the products in the best light. I found that a task which may seem easy on the outside actually takes a lot more time and effort.

Additionally, throughout the course of my internship, I performed a lot of background research, whether that be finding stock images for companies’ Instagrams or finding influencers in the Orange County area to promote the product. It helped me to recognize the importance of doing background research as it really does lay the foundation for the rest of the company’s success or lack thereof.

Towards the end of my internship, I got to create slides using Canva. Because of my experience with Canva in Message Design I with Dr. Hannah Ball, I was excited about doing this. It allowed me to get creative with captions and gifs, while also keeping in mind the audience and the other steps of the social marketing plan. Through Canva I was able to create menus and a newsletter for a plant-based meal delivery service highlighting their weekly offerings.

My internship experience at Blue Light was invaluable and a great end to my sophomore year at Chapman.  I was able to use all I have learned from my education thus far to confidently meet each task or obstacle I encountered.  As other School of Communication interns have said, I learned a lot about myself. I learned how to not be afraid to ask for help and how to get the job done no matter what the circumstances were, and most importantly, with a smile. I really appreciate the people at Blue Light for welcoming me with open arms and giving me a great environment to grow. They always offered constructive criticism when I did not do something to the best of my ability and I really appreciated that. If you are looking for an awesome, positive group of people to work with I encourage you to look up Blue Light Media. I promise you will not regret it.