During the spring semester, I decided to continue my internship from interterm.   

These are all the current companies that are apart of the Digital Wellness Collective

I have been interning for the past 5 months at Digital Wellness Collective. I got this internship through Dr. Janicke-Bowles, and this internship follows similar content for my classes in the School of Communication such as SCC 100, SCC 200 and Mass Communication. These classes gave me the skills and prior knowledge that I needed for the internship. I have had the privilege to work with a team of passionate creators, leaders, and writers in the digital wellness world. Everyone in the collective lives around the world, so it was an online internship, with video calls every week to discuss and plan the next week. Because the collective is not from a specific area, the different perspectives and ideas constantly kept me engaged, because it was a different view, then I could have thought of. Digital Wellness Collective, is a group of professionals in the digital wellness field that have come together as a place to support one another. A website that contains information about the current events in their field. During my time as an intern, I have done so much and learned more than I thought I could learn about digital wellness and how it impacts our lives. One part of my internship that I was very interesting was every day, I would post onto the social media accounts of the collective with the current research. I was able to read each article every day, so I continued to stay up to date with the current studies, such as the power of the like button on Instagram, and if that would decrease stress and anxiety over social media. This my favorite part of my internship, because I got to learn about topics that I am interested in. I learned about different topics but they all contained information in the digital wellness field.

Here are some of the examples of content that was covered in the articles about digital wellness.

While posting them on the social media pages, I also compiled a page on the website with all of the articles from each week. This is important because it shows the changes in research. One of my objectives of the internship was to “Learn how to use existing research to bolster the awareness of the digital wellness space”, and I did so through reading the articles. But, it was not as easy as I would have thought. Before my internship, I had no previous knowledge of how to use Squarespace and how to make a website. But, I picked up the skills from practice and organized the website by adding pages and content. I was very grateful for the internship because it gave me tools that will be helpful in jobs in the future by laying down the basics. I was their first intern, so they helped with everything to make sure I was comfortable doing the tasks on my own and creating my own pages on the website.

Even though I loved my internship while it lasted, I would not recommend an online internship. It ends up being a lot of time sitting in front of a screen, instead of face to face interactions. I am a very social and outgoing person, so this task was not specifically for me. If you are a person that is shyer and is very good with technology, then an internship like this would be perfect. In the future, I am planning on doing an internship in a similar industry, but in person where I can connect with my peers face to face.