This past semester, I had the wonderful opportunity to continue another internship position at a digital branding and PR firm known as Anchor Media. I first started with this team as a Social Media and Influencer Intern during the very beginning of the Fall semester and later transitioned into a Social Media Analytics position for the Spring semester.

A big learning experience and takeaway during this internship was that I realized I do not necessarily want to work in the social media industry, or at least right out of college. While I have very strong expertise in this field, as I have been creating content on social platforms for over two years with my own blog, podcast, and personal brand Instagram, I found that my passion lies in the visual aspect of any social media project or campaign. When creating content for myself or specific business projects, I was also playing the role as the visionary, in which I had a clear idea of how I wanted to parlay a message and what audience I was targeting. During my experience at Anchor Media, I learned that companies such as Google, YouTube, and Visible, all had a hard time to depict their own vision and would change the idea as the project went along, which demonstrated a lack of vision and consistency, two key aspects I am strongly aligned with.

On the other hand, I noticed a significant change and improvement in my ability to create and design decks via Google Slides, as my manager was very detail oriented and had a specific style that she wanted me to cater to. By the end of my internship, I noticed that I was naturally using a very similar style and edit technique on Google Slides to enhance my own final presentations for SCC 498 and MGMT 379.

Overall, my internship experience allowed me to depict a better vision of the career path I am looking for after graduation and helped me gain even more experience in working with various people.