Los Angeles District Attorney

Hey I’m Brian and during the 2019 Spring Semester I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to intern at the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office in the adult prosecution department. As an intern at the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office I worked side-by-side with various district attorneys. I worked 10+ hours a week in Long Beach at the Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse, conducting various tasks on different cases. The court cases I worked on help me gain experience in video transcriptions, redacting suspended material for court presentation, data input and perform basic administrative, clerical and office support duties. I also sat in on court hearings and preliminary trials in order to better understand the legal process. This internship has taught me a plethora of new legal terms, practical work experience and legal skill development while learning about the court procedures, various court operations, functions and activates.

My Experience

Working at the District Attorney’s Office in Long Beach has given me a more in-depth understanding of the legal process and how evidence is processed and presented in court. My favorite part about working this internship was the excitement each case would bring. One week I could be working on a case involving small crime such as shoplifting and the next could be a murder case, where the suspect tried to hide the body. The variety of cases always kept me on my toes which made coming into the office very exciting and enjoyable. In addition, all the attorneys I worked with were absolutely wonderful! Each district attorney I worked with offered me their advice about law school and entering the legal field of work. Working in Long Beach at the DA’s Office was also a huge networking opportunity as I met and had lunch with some of the Judges that work at the Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse. I would highly suggest this internship opportunity to anyone who wants to attend law school or work in law.