I have just completed the first week of my internship here at the Business Expo Center in Anaheim! I have accepted a position as one of the three human resources interns for the summer and I could not be more excited to begin my journey! For a little bit of background knowledge, the Business Expo Center is one of Orange County’s premier event venues that host specialized expos, conferences, and special events such as weddings or quinceaneras. The event center offers many different types of halls and smaller showrooms to rent out and assist in the planning, decorating and overall execution of the customer’s event. Where I come in and play a role as the Human Resources intern is that I make sure we have the best employees in the correct positions to create the greatest overall success in whichever type of event we are hosting.

My area of the intern cubicle in the office

The main job that I obtain as the human resources intern is that I am taught the recruiting process from start to finish through a very immersive and hands-on experience. This process includes screening resumes, conducting phone and in-person interviews, as well as planning and executing new hire orientation. Within this first week alone I have been able to conduct three phone interviews, and have reviewed many resumes from college students from all over Southern California. It is a really cool and interesting learning experience to be able to view so many resumes and be able to be trusted to judge these candidates experience, character, and overall performance.

      The hires that I am trusted to make are all of the internship positions for the fall semester. This includes multiple events coordinator, marketing and human resources positions. Being in charge of the future interns is a very important and measurable task because their performance in the next semester of interns shows how well I worked and completed my internship. This is something that excites me and motivates me to work hard because I know I will be able to receive feedback and physical evidence of how I did within my position this summer.

This is where we conduct in-person interviews and evaluate new candidates for internship positions



Besides the main task of recruiting for the company, some of my other learning objectives include, developing professional communication skills with team members and candidates during interviews, develop detail-oriented skills that will help the HR department run its operations smoothly and finally keeping a log of all employees hours and pay. Being a Strategic and Corporate Communications major will help me out greatly in being able to thrive in these situations and quickly develop these skills in my new work environment. Overall, I am very excited for the rest of this summer to see what new skills I can develop, gain experience in a professional setting and most importantly, what I can learn.