The entrance of KDOC is surrounded by posters of shows that they air.

Hello! My name is Karley Wilson and I am a junior Communication Studies major here at Chapman University. During my spring semester, I got the opportunity to intern at KDOC-TV Los Angeles. KDOC is a broadcast station that airs local and syndicated programming, meaning that they will air shows like “Family Guy” and “The Goldbergs” as well as local sports, events, and specials that they film and air themselves. This opportunity helped me dive into the entertainment industry, learning what goes on within the industry, how to market within the industry and all of the job opportunities that it holds.

I came in as a creative intern, creating promotional videos that air on KDOC’s station. I would find popular clips of shows and edit them to be 10-30 seconds long, giving the most information about the shows that air in the shortest amount of time. These videos are the perfect way for the station to market their service and present to its viewers what shows they offer. What is so great about this internship is when I got tired of this marketing strategy, I was able to ask to do more. I started working on the website, researching events and different ways to bring the local community together during the station’s “Summer of Fun” events that they hold every summer. I was able to learn how to create a website that is easy and holds a number of different events, activities, and information about the station. Summer of Fun allows for KDOC to be more interactive and air seasonal content. A project that I had worked on was the graphics edits for a track meet that was filmed and is going to air during Summer of Fun. The station gives away an abundance of contests and specials for the audience as well, making the station more than just a program, but something that people can interact with. They advertise events scattered within the Los Angeles and Orange County area and have giveaways like free tickets to Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, sports games, and more.

A fun opportunity that I got with KDOC was going to my first filming that is going to air this upcoming summer as another Summer of Fun event. I went to the Endless Summer Invitational, a fundraiser that has the world’s longest golfers. These professionals compete in a long-drive golf tournament, and the proceeds are donated to cancer research. My boss and the creative team at KDOC work together to film, interview, and make the event something that their audience will enjoy and look forward to watching. At the event, I was lucky enough to help with sound and setup. 

This internship taught me the diverse ways that one can market a broadcasting station. Throughout my experience, I was able to open my opportunities and learn more. I gained new skills in building websites, creating a video, and understanding the background of marketing. By getting this real-life experience, I am grateful to learn where I want to take my career, and what I need to know to get there. I am so thankful that KDOC opens their doors for students to learn about their station and gain new experiences with them.