As the student life liaison, I experience a lot here on campus. Part of what I do is work with the Student Advisory Board. The board started out as an idea from the brilliant mind of current board member Matthew Ghan (COM BA ’20). While working on a project, he experienced and reflected on the missing link between students and administrators, thus giving him the idea to bridge the gap. 

Our student advisory board not only represents and advocates for us, they also act as mentors. This diverse and friendly group can answer questions relating to student experience and give insight to any campus ‘unknowns’ or ‘unsure feelings’  you may have in regards to campus life. Good reasons to connect with a peer mentor from our student board might include:

  • To ask about student experiences in major courses.
  • To learn about professors and teaching styles.
  • To ask questions that you don’t feel comfortable asking faculty or staff.
  • To find out more about how to get involved in your major and on campus

I personally have asked them about studying abroad, our major’s 4 + 1 Masters program, and about professors’ teaching styles as I am preparing for registration.

From an “insider’s perspective” I’ve been able to observe board meetings and I definitely enjoy them more than I initially thought I would. From guest speakers, to event planning, this group discusses and facilitates a lot of what’s going on in the School of Communication. Hopefully, you had the chance to meet them at the SoC Experience Day. If you didn’t, they were at the Transfer Day event they organized and planned, at Orientation Day, Preview Day, Homecoming, in the library, in that one comm class you had last semester, and that club meeting you thought about attending.

What’s My Point? Between the 8 of them, they cover a lot of ground here on campus. From East Coast to West Coast, Transfers to Dorm born, Freshmen to Senior they really represent us well. This is a bittersweet year for the group as some will be moving on (Graduating!!!). That being said, our Student Advisory Board WANTS YOU to apply to join their team.

  • Want experience working with a synergistic group? (Yes)
  • Want to make a difference in our SoC community?(Yes)
  • Have experience being a student here at Chapman? (Yes!)

Then fill out an application! They would love to meet you, genuinely.