As a Strategic & Corporate Communication major, I would love to discuss with you how I came to discover my academic interest! My name is Nicole Miller and I am a current freshman at Chapman University. I am from the San Francisco Bay Area in California. Coming from such a diverse and beautiful area, you may wonder what brought me to Orange County. For as long as I can remember, Chapman has been my dream school. Not only is the location near plenty of beaches, local restaurants, shopping malls, and of course Disneyland, but the school itself is what really drew me in. Orientation week is where it all began. It really allowed me to immerse myself in the Chapman community, along with fellow School of Communication students.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the small class sizes, the opportunity to learn from highly educated professors, and the close knit community at Chapman. Additionally, I have always found myself engaged in various extracurricular clubs and activities, in which I have met lifelong friends and discovered parts of myself that I never knew existed, such as my passion for surfing. 

Prior to Chapman education, I attended a fairly small all girls Catholic school in the Bay. There I was able to dig deeper into what I wanted my future to look like, including choosing an academic area of study. I served on several leadership boards and held multiple positions at my high school. I was a member of the Marketing and Communications Board, a member of the Hallmarks in Action Board, President of the Red Cross Club, a yearbook editor, wrote for the school newspaper, and played multiple sports for the duration of my high school career. Although I most certainly enjoyed all of these, my role on the Marketing and Communications Board is by far the most memorable. I ran my class social media account, reminding fellow students of upcoming events, activities, and assemblies. Furthermore, I was able to take part in school wide projects, campaigns, and advertisements with fellow board members. We also had the privilege of having guest speakers at meetings to share perspectives and how they came to select their careers. My high school involvement on this board allowed me to discover what I am truly passionate about. 

Strategic & Corporate Communication is a major you won’t find at another higher education institution. I was introduced to a wide range of topics including, but not limited to research, design, and the creative process involved in campaign implementation. My favorite courses so far have been SCC 100 with Madison Murphy and Mass Communication with Brian Calle. Both enhanced my knowledge and understanding through lectures, guest speakers, and hands-on assignments. 

My love for the School of Communication is what inspired me to apply for the Student Advisory Board position. I appreciate the hard work and dedication of those serving before me, making the voices and needs within the School of Communication known and heard by administration. I hope to continue this responsibility and be an asset of knowledge to current students, prospective students, professors, and parents. 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions related to the School of Communication or Chapman in general! I would be happy to share more about the place that I call home. I can be reached via email at